Guidelines on Purchasing a New Construction Home

05 Apr

When purchasing a new construction home, the major decision you have to make is about where the house is located.  There are very many options for such new construction sites.  One of the options which is commonly used is purchasing a lot where there is a new construction going on.  Such construction developments are usually contracted to the same builder and always vary from one another.  You may also opt to purchase a stand-alone land and have your home constructed there.  However, many prefer the first option since it has a lot of benefits.  Below, are guidelines on purchasing real estate listings auburn.

When buying this home, you need to negotiate the best terms, features and price.  When you know where the home will be located and who will be the builder, you now must negotiate the details of the house.  When purchasing a new construction home, it becomes challenging to determine how much you should offer compared to purchasing an existing home.  Hence, you have to be creative in your negotiations.  You must specify the upgrades that you want and any additional square footage that you may require. To know more about real estate, visit this website at

It is also crucial to get all details in writing.  Although it sounds obvious, some new construction house buyers usually neglect putting everything down in writing.  Even for simple things such as when the builder promises to put LED lights in the house, you must ensure it is written down.  The document must also be signed by the parties involved so that you do not come to regret when the home is already constructed. 

You must also perform an inspection of the home.  Many people usually inspect a pre-existing home, but often forget to inspect a new construction home.  Having a new house constructed does not mean that the builder can miss some things.  It is recommended that you inspect the home to avoid disappointments.  The authorities in the area also normally do inspection and will issue a certificate of occupancy.

You must also make your final walk through in the new construction home.  This again must not be overlooked by nee home buyers.  The walk through is recommended to be done before you sign documents at closing.  This is a good opportunity to see the home to ensure that everything is functioning properly.  Check for nail pops, kitchen counters and cabinets, among other things.  If you overlook this final walk through, you will not be able to tell the builder to fix anything after closing. Start here

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